Horizon Zero Dawn

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February 28, 2017


Guerrilla Games


Sony Interactive Entertainment

Horizon Zero Dawn could just be the most gorgeous PlayStation 4 game yet. I was awestruck from the moment I entered this post-post-apocalyptic world where nature has reclaimed the Earth following an unknown cataclysmic event. Lush, dense woodlands give way to soaring, wintry alpines as far as the eye can see. High altitude vistas provide panoramic views of sun-scorched deserts where the remains of a lost civilization can be seen. It’s all so breathtaking to take in, and perfectly showcases how much potential the PS4 console holds.

Привет, привет! Сегодня я хочу поделиться с вами обзором игры “Horizon: Zero Dawn”. Но, давайте сделаем это.

1. Сюжет и персонажи: Когда я узнал о этой игре, я подумал: “О, будут механизированные существа и будущий мир! Круто!” Но когда начал играть, меня обломали. Персонажи были так однобоки, что мне даже кажется, что у них было больше сторон на их одеждах, чем в их личностях. И главная героиня – эта Элоя, она просто избранная, самая лучшая, самая красивая… Я бы тоже хотел быть таким самолюбивым.






2. Игровой процесс: Тут все интересно, друзья! Битвы с механизированными существами – это что-то! И каждое из них имеет слабые места, как моя самооценка после плохой шутки. Но когда дело доходит до сражений с людьми, это просто скучно. Они как обычные досадные люди, только в броне. Ну, поверьте мне, бой со свекровью интереснее.


3. Графика: Ой, ой, ой, здесь я не могу ругать. Графика в игре просто бомба! Все так красиво, что я бы даже повесил картину с моим лицом на стену. Но, когда дело доходит до лицевой анимации, то я вспоминаю “Mass Effect: Andromeda” и понимаю, что даже красивый фасад может иметь свои недостатки.


4. Итог: Друзья, игра не идеальна, но какая игра в наше время такая? “Horizon: Zero Dawn” имеет свои минусы, но тоже достаточно плюсов. И я думаю, что разработчики, студия “Guerrilla”, сделают выводы и сделают следующие части еще лучше. А пока я ожидаю, когда уже смогу вернуться в этот мир и получить эмоциональный всплеск



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  • Graphics: This game is absolute EYE CANDY. It seems like a standard anymore for a game to look good, but horizon has a polish to it that outshines many of the games i've played in recent times, and I dont even have a PSpro.
  • The Story: I kept myself in the dark as much as I could when I saw the first trailer for Horizon, its the only media i watched for the game after seeing the premise. I'm glad I did, because this story is top notch. Im only about 12 hours in, but im ready for 20 more.
  • Atmosphere: Its a rarity for me to feel challenged/threatened by the environment. The first time I met a wild Bellowback I was nervous, then got absolutely destroyed. I went back, tried a new tactic. Got absolutely destroyed. The third time was a charm in my case, and man was it satisfying. every battle feels like a literal cat and mouse, where for once, Im not the alpha dog. This, combined with the overall look and dynamic night/day/weather cycle, it has me hooked and surprised consistently.
  • Gameplay: I saved the most important pro (for me) for last. The fluidity of every action is absolutely awesome, natural, and easy. You can be riding a Strider, get spotted by a Sawtooth, abandon your mount, slide away from an attack while swapping to your tripwire weapon, spin around, deploy your trap for the enemy to fall into, and launch in for a critical attack before dodging away to cover....


  • This Game is EYE CANDY, but....: Very much like many open role games, some visual aspects have not been perfected. The most noticeable is dialogue. Syncing between mouth and audio can be iffy at worst, and some facial expressions can be cringe worthy at times, breaking the immersion.
  • Stealth Can be Shallow: Ubisoft games have conditioned us for some questionable mechanics to be acceptable (Think FarCry). When sneaking around, a yellow indicator will begin turning red when detected by an enemy. Once this indicator turns red, your being attacked, and must break the line of sight and hide to go into an 'evasion' mode. After a while, the enemies will return to normal, like you werent even there. While this is acceptable (imo) for the robot enemies, I wish the Human AI would have a more predator feel. Perhaps MGSV spoiled me in terms of AI, and I should begin lowering my standard, but this one feature could add a whole new depth to the game.
  • THAT FRIGGIN' WAYPOINT SYSTEM: Everything I've put on this list has been very nip picky, and to some, this may be also. The only aspect of the game that I truly wish could be revamped is the waypoint system. More times than I feel I should, I find myself following an on-screen prompt only for it to drastically change direction, sometimes even going from in front of me to behind me. On the top of the screen, you have a Skyrim-like navigator that shows the true direction of the marker, while the on-screen prompt is following a roadway or path. I understand the idea, but in practice it more times than not, has me running in literal circles.
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